The Digitalization is a major term nowadays in every section from Domestics to Industrial. Everyone has a good and bad aspect related to the Digitalization, some say the Digitalization is killing the job and Some say it’s making our life easier and easier. So, What’s True?  

As you know that “The law of energy where the energy is neither created nor destroyed it’s only can transform from one to another ” for example, we can convert the wind energy into the electrical energy and same law goes to the job opportunity, any revolution whether its digitalization or anything we cants create a job or destroy the job but we can change the shape of the job from Worker to Technician etc.  

Now Question is it’s necessary to make changes? 

I would like to ask if you have the opportunity to choose your Job role between the Worker or Technician ?? then what’s your answer?  

To stay competitive in our domain we have to make some change which further results in more quality and effective in our product and reduce the man effort. even if we compare in the ratio of the investment of time and money, we will get some benefit that why the Good change is necessary and demand of the time. In the era of 21st century, more company are approaching the Digitalization and Sending a lot of time and money to train their employees related to the Digitalization. 

The benefit and Advantages of the Digitalization is: 

The Digitalization enables industrial companies of a small scale to large scale to implement current and future technologies for the automation. Thus, they can use the full potential of Industrie 4.0 and be prepared for the next-level digital transformation journey. 

·         Saves cost 

·         Increases efficiency 

·         Lack of human error 

·         Safer data storage in the cloud 

·         Reduces operational costs 

·         Enables data to be analysed 

One Great example of Digitalization is IIot :  

The IoT is a network of intelligent computers, devices, and objects that collect and share large amounts of data. The collected data is sent to a Cloud-based service where it is aggregated with other data and then helpfully shared with end-users and when we use the concept of the IoT in the Industry domain then it’s called as Industrial internet of things. 

The IIoT will revolutionize manufacturing by enabling the acquisition and access of greater amounts of data, greater speeds, and more efficiently than before. Many innovative companies have started to implement the IIoT by investing intelligent, connected devices in their factories. 

The IIoT can improve connectivity, efficiency, scalability, time savings, and cost savings for industrial organizations. Companies are already benefitting from the IIoT through cost savings due to predictive maintenance, improved safety, and other operational efficiencies. 

At last, I could like to share great saying of Winston Churchill ‘To Improve is to change to be perfect is to change often ‘”.

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